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Independent London issue No1

Book No1

In 2006 we published our first book entitled appropriately enough No1. Starting from nothing and completely self funded the learning was steeply inclined. The little square book generated a rush of similarly formatted titles.

Book No2

Following the success of the first book, in 2010 it was ‘quickly’ followed by book No2. This featured a newly developing high street in Wilton Way which we featured in the book and not least on the cover with two of our favourite shop owners, Maurizio and Henry of The Other Side Of The Pillow.

Book No3

Then in 2012 we released No3 which really was a major effort with the amount of content, nearly a third more than the other books but at the same price. No one can suggest we’re not good value!

the East London Edition

Book No4

Except this was called the East London Edition, released end of 2014, a new format for a new kind of book with all the best that East London has to offer. Available from our shop. Standby for news on Independent London’s next project.


Having lived in London a long time we were always struck by how disadvantaged independent shops are compared to the chains. Too much power with landlords with no rent controls and able to change the use of a site at their whim. The cities high streets have quickly filled with copycat chains and created homogenised high streets no longer a draw for shoppers.

  • High diversity of independent businesses 75%
  • Lower number of chains and international brands 25%
  • Affordable housing 60%
  • Community well being 90%
Moritz Steiger

Moritz Steiger


Photographer and some time publisher – or is it the other way around?

Effie Fotaki

Effie Fotaki


Photography Lecturer and freelance photographer with a focus on documentary and portraiture, has worked for a number of Greek magazines and a range of organisations in London, mainly photographing arts, sustainability and community projects.

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