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Farley Macallan

Farley Macallan

We at Farley Macallan like to source as much produce from the local area as possible, from great cured meats from Cobble Lane to fantastic beers from Five Points on Mare Street. The wine list comprises of some easy drinking wines to get you started, some biodynamic and organic wines to experiment with and some truly great Focus Wines for special occasions and sophisticated plates.

Farley Macallan is a Swiss army knife of a venue by day ‘the workers café’ and come evening a fine wine bar with wide range of wines (with a strong focus on organic and bio dynamic), accompanied with great range of cheeses and cured meats.

Ideally situated on Hackney’s new fashion hub, the design of the venue lacks all pretence, the design feels clean and comfy within a classic setting on the corner of Morning Lane and Ponsford Street. There’s a gallery with regular events and of course in the day there’s the worker’s café. We hope you all enjoy the space.

Become a member of the workers café a workspace for the “non-office laptop worker” that does away with all the issues and annoyances of remote working. Members pay a monthly, tax deductible subscription that works out way cheaper than the obligation of having to keep buying coffee in a cafe because our coffee is FREE! This means you’ve paid to be in the cafe for all-you-can-drink filter coffee & tea, for your own seat with power and wifi and for 20% discount on food.

“Championing Great British produce, great booze and in particular, great wine, we’ve created a community spirit that London needs and I want to share it with everyone”

Luke Ramsden

Owner, Farley Macallan

Blue and stinky, light and creamy, a wide range of cheeses to choose from Gratin blue (Piedmont, Italy) to a British hard like Barbers Vintage Cheddar P.D.O. from Somerset.

“Age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.” Francis Bacon

It’s not always easy to find an amenable host where you can enjoy a decent good value wine in Hackney. Here you have.


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Farley Macallan

177-179 Morning Lane
E9 6LH

020 8510 9169

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 6–12am

Thursday: 6–12am

Friday: 6–1am

Saturday: 12–1am

Sunday: 12–10pm

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Moritz Steiger


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Farley Macallan

Farley Macallan

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