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Many of you will have seen the work of these artists over the years on walls in and around Shoreditch and of course Hackney Wick where Stour Space are hosting this show #SaveYourSelves. Highlighting the inevitable plight of the area so long neglected and now under such focus by developers eyeing an opportunity for profit without any regard to the effect on the community.

Buildings that have served as cheap studio and living space for many artists for so long are torn down to make way for random bridges to ease access from the Wick to the olympic park and more importantly Westfield, a very dominating force in the area.

This kind of unbridled, unconsidered development is a world wide issue repeated in cities from Berlin to San Francisco, as economies become more globalised its remarkable how similar the issues are. Many of these developments are often built to serve an ‘elite’ of workers who travel the world often working in the financial or digital sector.

15th–31st October 2016
9am–5pm daily
Free entry

Stour Space
7 Roach Road
Hackney Wick
E3 2PA

BTW to support the show we have 30 of our East London Edition books FREE on a first come first serve at the show while they last.


30 FREE copies of East London Edition at the show

About the show – SAVE YOUR SELVES (by Stour Space)

This October 14th at Stour Space, Aida Wilde will once again assemble the ‘Lunatics’ from the recent takeover of the Lord Napier pub (Hackney Wicked 2016), bringing you an immersive, visual and historical experience. By sharing personal photos and archival images and footage with us, the local people of The Wick, Hackney WickED and Save Hackney Wick have contributed to what promises not to be just another gallery show but an insight into this unique community past and present.

They say home is where the heart is, but in our case, home is where the art is. Well this may have been the case a while back in Hackney Wick, but these days the sights of cranes, bulldozers, developers and hoardings seem to have replaced the now lesser spotted artist.

For at least a decade, the urban art landscape of the Wick has shaped and developed the aesthetic of this unique pocket of East London. Save Yourselves celebrates the art and the artists who have personal and emotional connections to the area. Many of these artists have gone on to become some of the most prolific street artists of our time. As most buildings are doomed for demolition, subsequently so is the rich heritage of urban art in East London. Is there now anything left to Save, apart from Ourselves?

Exhibiting along with the ‘Lunatics’ will be the launch of the printed posters of Sisters In Print. Sisters In Print is a collective of opinionated sixteen national and international female artists, who share the love of print and print making. Aida Wilde invited the individuals to participate in the project last year, where they were placed in collaboration with a partner that they may or not have known previously. The prints produced for the show are all printed in Aida’s studio in the heart of Hackney Wick.

Join us to commiserate, commemorate and celebrate what has been, is, and might be, from a community in mourning.

Artists lineup:

MOBSTR, Donk, Zombie Squeegee, Static, Fatherless, Edwin, Mighty Mo, Sweet Toof, Dscreet, Unga, Deso, Malarko, Float, DONE, Gregg Abbott (The Hidden Print), Vesna Parchet, Teddy Baden, John Atherton, Hin, Sony, Darren John, RUN, Ronzo, Rowdy, Neoh, David O’Shaughnessy, Cristina Lina, Brenda Goodchild, Helen Ashton, Jo Hicks, Anna Chilton, Xenz, Busk, Fifth Wall TV, Rosa

Save Your Selves show at Stour Space, Hackney Wick #SaveHackneyWick

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